Timeless Kitchen Design trends …even in 2022!

Shaker Doors

Developed back in the 1800’s, this door style has seen many kitchen design trends come and go making this a staple in a kitchen when it comes to timeless designs. Widely known for its simplicity and versatility, this door can give you a transitional or contemporary – modern look depending on what other finishes you pair with it.

Marble and Quartz countertop

Marble is ancient and durable. Just take a look at the ancient Greek buildings still standing today and looking amazing. This stone has a wide range of applications, one of them is kitchen counters and decorative tiles. The natural vein pattern is greatly desired and definitely says high end.

Kitchen countertop quartz

Quartz is an engineered stone that was originally introduced in the 60’s but became quite popular in kitchens in the 90’s. Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance this stone gives you an elegant look while keeping costs down compared to its natural stone counterparts like Marble and Granite.

White and Bright

What makes white timeless is the 100+ years it’s remained in style. Whether it’s the cabinets, tiles, or countertops, White has dominated homes throughout the years. The bright neutral tone creates enlarges any space and creates a feeling of luxury and elegance which appeals to many homeowners and adds to the resale value of a home.


Chrome is the most popular finish beating Brushed Nickel which used to be integral in older kitchens. Now everything is chrome, from faucets, pendants, cabinet hardware, and more. Also its very versatile and goes well with many other finishes.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is a great and durable finish. It’s resistance to stains, corrosion and bacteria makes it ideal for kitchens. Creating a sleek and clean finish that blends seamlessly with the other kitchen metals, and complements many wood tones.

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