Timeless Kitchen Design trends …even in 2022!

Shaker Doors

Developed back in the 1800’s, this door style has seen many kitchen design trends come and go making this a staple in a kitchen when it comes to timeless designs. Widely known for its simplicity and versatility, this door can give you a transitional or contemporary – modern look depending on what other finishes you pair with it.

Marble and Quartz countertop

Marble is ancient and durable. Just take a look at the ancient Greek buildings still standing today and looking amazing. This stone has a wide range of applications, one of them is kitchen counters and decorative tiles. The natural vein pattern is greatly desired and definitely says high end.

Kitchen countertop quartz

Quartz is an engineered stone that was originally introduced in the 60’s but became quite popular in kitchens in the 90’s. Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance this stone gives you an elegant look while keeping costs down compared to its natural stone counterparts like Marble and Granite.

White and Bright

What makes white timeless is the 100+ years it’s remained in style. Whether it’s the cabinets, tiles, or countertops, White has dominated homes throughout the years. The bright neutral tone creates enlarges any space and creates a feeling of luxury and elegance which appeals to many homeowners and adds to the resale value of a home.


Chrome is the most popular finish beating Brushed Nickel which used to be integral in older kitchens. Now everything is chrome, from faucets, pendants, cabinet hardware, and more. Also its very versatile and goes well with many other finishes.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is a great and durable finish. It’s resistance to stains, corrosion and bacteria makes it ideal for kitchens. Creating a sleek and clean finish that blends seamlessly with the other kitchen metals, and complements many wood tones.

Home and Design 2011

2011 – Home & Design Portfolio Top 100 Designers

André Sabbagh, principal of TAS Interiors, has 20 years of experience creating cohesive, integrated designs that exceed clients’ expectations in a fun, elegant and unique way. He brings a focused approach to tackling projects of all sizes, and specializes in creating spaces in traditional and transitional styles.

Sabbagh frequently interacts with architects and contractors to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure that the end results meet his clients’ desires. He also works closely with clients. “We usually evolve from the first project to many others,” he says, “creating relationships that last a lifetime.”His firm’s capabilities include custom cabinetry design, carpeting and faux painting as well as kitchen and bath design. “We have direct access to a full range of resources from flooring, furniture, window treatments and wall coverings to accessories and lighting, enabling our clients to benefit from prices significantly below retail levels,” Sabbagh explains. “We seek out the latest materials, products, methods and technologies to provide our clients with the most updated approaches to design and implementation.”

Sabbagh’s work has been published in Home & Design and he participated in the Spring 2007 Design House at The Washington Design Center.

2014 - Home & Design Top 100 Designers

2014 – Home & Design Portfolio Top 100 Designers


André Sabbagh has 20 years of experience in the design industry, tackling projects of all sizes. Sabbagh works closely with his clients, establishing lasting relationships by delivering a first-class, high-quality remodeling experience; he then uses his knowledge of color, texture, pattern, form and materials to guide his clients through the interior design process. The results are consistently balanced, harmonious interiors that are beautiful, functional and enhance his clients’ lives.

TAS Interiors is a full-service design and remodeling firm with a specialty in kitchen and bath design. The company offers a range of quality building and construction services, designing custom cabinetry, window treatments, faux finishes, flooring and furniture. “We seek out the latest materials, products, methods and technologies to provide our clients with the most updated approaches to design and implementation,” Sabbagh explains. “We take a clear, consistent approach to design, always working within the established budget. We understand that every project is unique and reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client.” He adds, “Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with extraordinary personalized service and innovative design solutions.” Sabbagh’s award-winning designs have appeared in numerous publications.


District Homes October 2013

Sleek & Serene

André Sabbagh was interviewed by District Home Magazine in its October edition.  Here are some excerpts from the article:

District Home Magazine – October 2013

District Home: How did you get started in the business?
André Sabbagh: Seventeen years ago I opened my company with the help of my wife. It was her idea to move forward and get started so we used the letters of our names T for Tara, A for André and S for Sabbagh TAS Interiors to name the company. I had several clients that had urged me to go on my own and that is how it started.

Shower & Tub

Featured Shower & Tub

DH: What else do you do that is special?
AS: We have a full interior design service specializing in kitchen and bath.

DH: Did you ever see yourself in design?
AS: I have always enjoyed the idea of design and I love what I do.

DH: Why are your baths unique? What’s special about your craft?
AS: My approach to designing a bath has always been less is more and I used a more transitional style that is soothing and relaxed. I apply the golden rule in designing a bath and that is “functionality.”  We use the latest in technologies and materials.

–Read the rest of the article here: District Home Magazine interview with TAS Interiors – October 2013

Home and Design 2007

A Fruitful Renovation

Designer André Sabbagh transforms a typical suburban basement into an luxurious wine cellar and home theater.


Home & Design Magazine – January/February 2007

Wine Cellar Transformation

Wine Cellar Transformation

In the hallway leading to the basement space, André Sabbagh created a new cove ceiling covered in Venetian plaster. It all started when a light fixture over a Rockville couple’s pool table broke. They asked their friend, interior designer André Sabbagh, for advice on whether to fix it or buy a new one. This launched a discussion about what they thought the lower level of their home should ultimately look like. Sabbagh had some exciting ideas. So exciting, in fact, that the homeowners decided to embark on a full-scale renovation that would create a one-of-a-kind billiard room, wine cellar and plush new home theater.

In the original space, stairs led down to the basement and into a stark hallway with an existing wine room on the left and a spare room on the right. The hall culminated at a bar overlooking the billiard room. The décor consisted of white walls and dull wall-to-wall carpeting.

Wine Cellar Transformation

Wine Cellar Transformation

Sabbagh’s goal was to create a refined, personalized space that would reflect his clients’ style. “This is a home, not a pub,” he explains. “We wanted to make it elegant. The intention was to give it the coziness of an Old World feel combined with the quality of today’s finishes.”

The wife, whose father and grandfather were both winemakers, asked Sabbagh to integrate two large wine barrels made by her father into the design. So he designed custom cabinetry that encompasses the barrels as well as additional wine storage. Then he created a cozy seating area in front of the cabinetry where the homeowners and their guests can enjoy a bottle of wine or play a game of cards.

Home & Design

Ocean View Bedroom

Inspired by this warm and carefree season, Washington-area design teams interpret summer eight different ways.


A Summer's Dream

A Summer’s Dream

What could be more romantic than a bedroom on the beach? Shells and sea glass have gathered in the corners and the mural-painted wall offers a wrap-around view. This space reflects some of the same elements as the adjacent living room that Sabbagh and Mary Mitchell designed together: colors that whisper, mirrors and crystal that shimmer. But more spare and restful, the bedroom brings the outdoors in thanks to its nearly monochromatic color scheme—an updated tribute to traditional by the designers—and the use of a variety of textures in the smooth upholstery and tactile accents. There’s more romance in the windows draped in gauzy fabric, the French doors presumably leading to a private sandy beach and the glorious sweep of a bed frame flanked by gilded and mirrored side tables. The result is a getaway that’s relaxed and inviting.