Sleek & Serene

André Sabbagh was interviewed by District Home Magazine in its October edition.  Here are some excerpts from the article:

District Home Magazine – October 2013

District Home: How did you get started in the business?
André Sabbagh: Seventeen years ago I opened my company with the help of my wife. It was her idea to move forward and get started so we used the letters of our names T for Tara, A for André and S for Sabbagh TAS Interiors to name the company. I had several clients that had urged me to go on my own and that is how it started.

DH: What else do you do that is special?
AS: We have a full interior design service specializing in kitchen and bath.

DH: Did you ever see yourself in design?
AS: I have always enjoyed the idea of design and I love what I do.

DH: Why are your baths unique? What’s special about your craft?
AS: My approach to designing a bath has always been less is more and I used a more transitional style that is soothing and relaxed. I apply the golden rule in designing a bath and that is “functionality.”  We use the latest in technologies and materials.

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